Y. C - California
Porsche - Brand Ambassador
I always recommend you guys to all my clients from out of state. ...its your belief and kind gestures. Really appreciate all of it.
Y. C. - California
Porsche - Brand Ambassador
I always recommend you guys to all my clients from out of state. ...its your belief and kind gestures. Really appreciate all of it.
Michael F - New Jersey
INFINITI - Sales Associate
My customer had a couple cheaper quotes and I convinced him to go with you because of YOUR professionalism and ease of process. I hate getting involved with shipping vehicles but you are making this painless and I appreciate it.
Earl S. - Texas
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
You’re one in a million!! Thanks brother !!
Robert A - Florida
INFINITI - General Manager
Your price was great and response was fantastic. I assure you will receive my business moving forward.
Austin C. - Florida
Audi - Sales Associate
If I use a transport company it's always you guys.
Jordan M - California
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
Alex. I'll definitely keep you as my first choice for all my transports. Thank you for checking in
Don W - Arizona
POV - Referred By Mercedes-Benz of Naperville
Kudos to your electronic platform...I'm sure it wasn't easy but your efforts really make it easy to interact -impressive!
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James D. - Florida
POV - Referred By Mercedes-Benz of Westmont
I can see why your team has received such high praise for customer service. I appreciated your detail orientation, enthusiastic attitude and overall professionalism.
Bob P. - Ohio
POV - Referred By Mercedes-Benz of West Houston
I asked my salesman who I could use for shipping my new car to me across the country. He handed me your card. When I asked for other names to get other quotes, he said this was the only name I would need because it's who their dealership trusts.
Mary Dunlop - Texas
POV - Referred By Mercedes-Benz of Westmont
Alex Lopez from Ship Your Car Now was a true blessing for our family when we needed to have 2 of our cars shipped from Illinois to Texas. Ours was not an was not a simple transport and Alex handled the entire ordeal with patience and class. Being unfamiliar with the auto shipping industry we were overwhelmed with the number of companies out there. Alex made it easy and stayed in constant contact with us. There were no surprises or extra charges and the cars were delivered on time just as promised. We were gven higher quotes from several different companies and not the same amount of individual attention as Alex gave to our situation.

The cars needed to be shipped because our dad had just suffered a massive stroke while visiting another state. Our energy was focused on his medical care and recovery but we needed to get his belongings back home to Texas. Dealing with Alex was such a blessing because it took the worry out of the process and allowed us to remain by our dad's side. 

I would highly recommend Ship your Car Now to anyone for auto transport and am happy to be available as a reference.
Joshua T - Texas
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
Alex and his team are the only people I trust with my referrals. The feedback from my customers is always awesome. They are great at setting real expectations and explaining the process to my customers.
Scott P.
POV Customer
Let me say this about that...... ALEX LOPEZ....the rep from shipyourcarnow.com could not have done a better job! In an industry strewn with shitty reps and unscrupulous business practices this guy was a shining beacon. I had never heard of this company before I began looking to transport my vehicle from Newport Beach CA to Scottsdale AZ. In my process I got 100's of quotes from all different carriers claiming to be the best. Yet every time I tried to call someone back, no answer or I got sent to voicemail.
With Alex, we spoke from a number where he was available to me, and to answer my questions the whole time. Including during transport. LET ME SAY THIS....he is not the cheapest but he proved to be dependable and executed EXACTLY as he promised to.
​​Now I can't speak for any other rep at shipyourcarnow.com, only for Alex and my experience with him.
Bart B. - Illinois
Mercedes-Benz - Inventory Manager
Team Alex is unbelievable. Always on top of everything. Great service and easy to work with! Definitely recommend them!
Marko M - Texas
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
Team Alex gets the job done! Awesome service!
Shane S. - Ohio
Multiple Makes - General Manager
Service and communication was great even on a very difficult move to multiple locations across the US.!
Eric S. - Virginia
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Manager
Team Alex is efficient and a pleasure to work with. The new app is easy as pie! I would recommend highly!
Chris A. - Florida
Cadillac - General Sales Manager
Alex Lopez from Ship Your car Now definitely goes above and beyond and delivers OUTSTANDING service!! When looking for a transporter, Team Alex are the ONLY people you will need!! The best I have ever seen as far as providing great service!
Esther S. - California
INFINITI - Internet Sales Manager
TEAM ALEX!!!!! That is all you need to know for your shipping needs. When quality care, time, money, and client satisfaction is on the line, no one does it like Team Alex. They are even responsive within 20min on a Sunday evening. (Which I would never expect but appreciate).
They have taken great care of me and my clients consistently and I would not consider trusting anyone else for the job. If you want it done right the first time, and in an efficient and professional manor, Alex Lopez and team are your go-to!
They have made it so easy, that I even have an instant idea of what the freight cost will be through the PDQ page. Team Alex all the way.
Moses K. - Virginia
INFINITI - General Sales Manager
Team Alex is by far the most reliable transportation company we've dealt with.
Great communication, reasonable costs, and quick delivery. We have been dealing with them for about a year now and haven't had any hiccups so far.

Love the new PDQ tool btw.

Keep it up.
Howard L - New York
POV - Referred By Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota
Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota FL recommended Alex team
Great... Everything went smooth Definitely would recommend them!
Cemeron H - Florida
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
First let me start by saying that I work in the automotive dealer industry, so I have had to have many cars shipped over the years, and have extensive experience with various companies. I was about to look walk to my car in the 1000 degree Florida summer heat to grab my collection business cards of companies I have used in the past when I looked down and realized that the mouse pad I was using had the information for Team Alex Lopez at Ship MY Car Now. As never the one to purposely spend time in the sun with a business suit on, I thought why not.

From the very first call they were a pleasure to work with, and even had a text line with was super convenient (and the text support gives you amazing service!) They helped me set up a delivery for a customer and went above and beyond to help me reschedule multiple times when our paperwork was delayed, Mind you this extra help was over a holiday weekend when no one else would even answer their phone. Then puff, like a magician, they found me a driver when I gave them impossible last minute changes.

The customer service was amazing and even helped me after the delivery with copies of paperwork. They where so easy to work with, so detailed and on point that I later tossed out my other business cards as I don't intend to work with anyone else other than Alex Lopez ans his team. Make sure to ask for team Alex!
Earl S - Illinois
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
Alex Lopez and his dealer to dealer transport team, his ship your car now team, Alex & his people have consistently taken care of dozens of my customers and their auto shipping from Chicago to Florida to California to Seattle to Vermont and everywhere in between.
Their follow up, their ETA’s are always on the $, and not one time has any vehicle I shipped had one spec of damage. Not once.
Their pricing, service, and most of all consistency is the best in the business. I’ve been in the auto biz since 1999, no one is as good as Alex. Ship your car now (or dealer to dealer transport as I call them) is the best auto shippers in this country. Thanks Alex!! ETP
Jim Bloom - Illinois
Mercedes-Benz - Sales Associate
Team Alex Lopez is fantastic!  I work at Mercedes-Benz of Westmont in Illinois and we use them all of the time. Their team is responsive to me and follows up to make sure our vehicles are delivered on time anywhere in the country.