It's Snowbird Season is coming to an end.

UPDATE: Spring is almost here and the Snowbirds are starting to head back 


Florida’s 21.3 million residents increase by over 1 million each winter as “snowbirds” flock to warmer climates for the winter.  And that’s just Florida—snowbirds also flock to CA, TX, AZ and other southern states during what people call "snowbird season" or just "season," as South Floridians refer to the months from October to March - April. 

Since John D. Rockefeller began wintering in Ormond Beach, FL in 1914, snowbirds have flocked to Florida and other warm climates for the winter.   As Baby Boomers reach retirement age, the snowbird volume has skyrocketed, causing crowded roadways and higher prices as businesses gear up for increased volume.  


Many snowbirds make the southern journey in their own vehicles but more each year elect to transport their vehicles as they fly south.  This adds more demand to an already strained industry, thanks to new regulations governing the trucking industry [see Bloomberg Business article below]. 

Increased demand coupled with a decrease of available drivers for transport trucks has significantly driven up the price of a southern-bound ride on the "snowbird routes," South to North interstates.

Simple economics dictates that, as demand increases, so shall prices.  Anyone pricing vehicle transport since October 1st will readily agree. 

For the most populous routes, such as Florida to North East, transport prices can climb by $100 a week or more from October to December and are predicted to peak at nearly double the normal rate.

The good news is, if you need to ship a vehicle north from anywhere in the South, you can do it significantly cheaper than any other time of the year.

You can always count on Team – Alex to keep you informed about issues that affect the transport of your vehicles.