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Knowing when a vehicle is ready is the most crucial piece of information needed when shipping a car.


It often helps speed up pick-up if we know a day or so ahead but we must be certain a vehicle is ready to go by the estimated date by ensuring:  

  • Financing is complete and funds are cleared

  • Paperwork is complete and correct

  • Inspection is done and repairs completed, if any

  • Shipping info has been sent to Team-Alex


We’re all spoiled by Uber but believing there’s a transport truck on every street corner heading in your exact direction is unrealistic--the opposite is actually more like the truth.  There are normally several cars waiting for each available opening on a transport truck. 

Finding a vehicle transporter heading along your route with an available spot for your vehicle is difficult. For more challenging routes, this can take days, which is why it is so important for your vehicle to be 100% ready when we’re given the green light to pick up.

A no-load fee can be charged when a truck is dispatched to pick up a vehicle but canceled while they’re en route or the vehicle is not available when they arrive--for any reason. 


The fee can be between 20% and 100% of the entire tariff.  Much like an airline ticket, once a truck gets dispatched, you’ve bought your ‘seat’ on that truck and there’s no trip cancellation insurance for transports, unfortunately.

Avoid paying twice for transports by ensuring a vehicle is 100% ready to roll out the door before giving Team-Alex the ‘green light’ to pick up.


Please understand that “Is it ready?” really means “Is it ready to roll onto a transport truck right now?”  Anything short of an emphatic “YES!” means it’s not ready yet.