Ed Morse - CarGurus Dealer-to-Customer Transport Program 
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Welcome to the Ed Morse/CarGurus Transport Pilot page.  Kudos to Ed Morse Group for taking the plunge into the digital vehicle sales realm. The timing could not be more perfect.  


At Team Alex, we help dealerships all over the country expand their digital footprint by making it as painless as possible to ship to their customers, no matter where they live.


We wanted to expound on some of our information and have a dedicated page for you to visit for up-to-date pricing and other important information surrounding this project.

Taking just 10-15 minutes to familiarize yourself with the information on this page will enable you to see how Team Alex is here to help take the pain out of transports, so you can get back to taking care of your customers.

See why so many dealers trust and recommend Alex Lopez and team

So many transport companies try to be everything to everybody, but Alex Lopez and his team specialize exclusively in servicing dealerships and their customers.

With the backing of one of the largest logistics firms in the US, ShipYourCarNow, LLC, we have access to big logistics company tools, such as a dedicated dispatch department and a team of managers who specialize in damage claims and more.  

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. You’ll never get voicemail because we employ a live answering service 24/7 to field calls after hours or when unable to take a call.  We use a dedicated texting platform for quick replies, as well. 

Flat Rate - Dealer to Customer Rates

All transports are based on:

·         Estimated pickup time is 1 - 3 days from major city to a major city--more remote locations may require additional time

·         Prices are based on a Mon - Thu pickup--weekend pickups may require slightly longer lead times

·         The average time in transit is around 350 - 375 miles per day

·         Prices are not valid 3 days before or 3 days after a major holiday

*Hawaii pricing is to the main island and customer must pick up the vehicle at the port (delivery to other islands is available)


**Enclosed - Any vehicle over $80K or under 5" ground clearance must go enclosed (we can discuss any between 4.5" and 5.0"--might be able to go Open)

PDQ Quote System

PDQ - Custom Order Portal 
Understanding the flat rate program 

Our team carefully researched transports to more than 100 cities to cost-average prices specifically for the Ed Morse / CarGurus project.  Whether it’s a Civic headed to to Raleigh or an Escalade going to Helen, Georgia, the price is the same if it’s the same number of miles.


The $350 minimum will cover nearly all in-state transport, with the exception of a few cities in the Panhandle.  As you might expect, there is a premium for larger vehicles and the Florida Keys, naturally. 

Our team developed an innovative transport ordering tool for exclusive use by our dealership customers.  Each

Ed Morse dealership will have a dealer-wide ordering tool that pre-populates that dealership’s information. 


To order shipping, simply add in the vehicle and customer information and when it is ready to ship.  Fast and easy.


Each staff person can request their own individualized link by clicking the button below.

Request your own personalized PDQ page

"My team and I work hard to earn your business and even harder to keep it!"

Dealer Trades and Auctions

Team Alex has special pricing for dealer trades and auction purchases for the Ed Morse Group, based on current market rates.  


You’ll get our same excellent customer service at competitive pricing and, because we don’t stage vehicles for full trucks, you will usually have your vehicles much faster than the in-house transport can get them to you. 


We fully understand that you cannot sell what you don’t have.

Call or Text us for a quote

Delivery Instructions.JPG

Customer Delivery Video

Our team developed this short video for your customers, so they better understand what to expect during the transport process. 


Setting realistic expectations is one way to help ensure happy customers.  It tells them what to expect and even what to do in the unlikely event of damage.

Visit The Delivery Instruction & Video Page

Open vs. Enclosed Shipping

Team Alex ships vehicles based on industry standards for shipping Enclosed:

  • Vehicles over $80,000 in insurable value

  • Vehicles with ground clearance under 4.5”

  • Restored classics, exotics, antiques or specialty paint


The average reputable 9-car Open car hauler carries $200K - $300K in insurance. Enclosed carriers typically carry $500K - $1M in insurance.

As a major logistics company, we simply don’t take risks with our customers’ vehicles, whether it be shipping a car under-insured or risking damage to the undercarriage.


Read More About Enclosed Shipping 

enclosed 2 fixed.jpg

Pizza Lunch Offer

Team Alex loves its dealer customers and we like to show it in many different ways.


After your first order with us for this new pilot program, we will buy the sales and support staff of your dealership pizza.


This is just as our way of welcoming you into the "Team Alex Experience," as our customers have dubbed it.

Alex Lopez & Team Alex
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Ship Your Car Now LLC.
Please contact us directly at 

☎️ Phone or 📱 Text: 833-309-1470

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Because who you call matters.
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