Team Alex of ShipYourCarNow LLC will be overseeing your vehicle’s transport.  You’re in good hands with us.  


Your vehicle has been assigned to a transport truck and will be on its way to you soon.

Team Alex sent you an email with the carrier’s contact information and estimated dates of pickup and delivery.

Please contact the carrier or driver directly to schedule your delivery and for updates.


You will need to provide them with your transport order number, vehicle type, origin city and destination city. 


Keep in mind, you may reach a dispatcher, who coordinates for several drivers.

If you do not reach the carrier, leave a message and try texting them.  Drivers can be loading other cars or in heavy traffic when you call.  If unable to reach them after several attempts, contact Team Alex.

Vehicle transporters can be fined for impeding traffic while loading or unloading. Furthermore, the transport truck will need to navigate easily through the streets of your neighborhood.  If it cannot, or you live in a gated community, you may need to meet at a nearby business to take delivery—work this out directly with your carrier.

The great majority of transports arrive on schedule without any problems, however, there are many potential challenges between pickup and delivery sites.  

Any purchase not done in a local store comes with it an understanding that there are inherent challenges to any long-distance transaction. 


Whether you are buying a shirt from Amazon or buying a vehicle from a dealership across the country, getting it from its origin to its destination isn’t always easy.


A flat tire or break down means waiting hours for service or towing.  A lost set of keys or a dead battery at a dealership may delay an entire shipment of vehicles for hours.

No reputable shipping company can or will guarantee exact delivery dates and times until it gets closer—there are just far too many challenges and stops along the hundreds or thousands of miles your vehicle will travel. 

Your vehicle may arrive somewhat dirty--it traveled the miles just as if you had driven it. Even vehicles in enclosed carriers can collect dust.

Have a hose ready, in case you need to rinse it off to inspect your car thoroughly.  Make sure you inspect the vehicle inside and out in a well-lit area.

Damage is rare, but if there is any, mark it on the Bill of Lading (or BOL), take pictures and notify Team-Alex immediately.

No damage claims can be made if the damage is not noted on the BOL and signed by both the receiving party and the driver.  All claims must be filed with Team Alex in writing within 24 hours of delivery.

If the driver has an electronic BOL take a video of the damage with the driver present. 

We strongly advise against allowing a driver to simply drop off a vehicle and hide the keys somewhere. If you must assign a designee to take delivery, be sure you trust that they will follow these instructions, as well.

Do not have the vehicle repaired before contacting us.  For compensation to be paid for the damage, it must be reviewed and/or inspected by an insurance adjuster.

Alex and his team would like to thank you for your business

Delivery Instructions

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