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No one wants to be the bearer of bad news. That said, we certainly do want to keep our customers informed of industry trends, especially ones that can impact their bottom line.


The transport industry as a whole is experiencing immense backlogs all over the country.  The truth is...we don’t know definitively what is causing these backlogs.  What we do know is that they are temporarily crippling vehicle transports.


Across the US, there are 4-5 times the usual amount of vehicles, and on some routes, up to 10 times the normal volume waiting for transport. It’s as if the industry just stopped moving in some areas and slowed to a crawl in others.


Another alarming trend is an excess of vehicles leaving California right now.  We see alarming volume increases in other areas, too, but CA is by far the worst we’ve seen.  Transport prices from CA to other states jumped 40-50% in just one week!


These issues are industry-wide and apply to everyone who transports vehicles!  With any backlog, though, knowing what to expect is half the battle.  Pricing shipments properly to compensate for the high demand and practicing patience as the backlog slowly clears will get us through this.


You can always count on Team – Alex to keep you informed about issues that affect the transport of your vehicles. 

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