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Dealer - Vendor Agreements

About Our Vendor Agreements


To transport vehicles for a dealership, a written agreement is needed.


There are two options--either sign a 1-time agreement in the form of an eDoc for each transport individually -or- set up a standing vendor agreement that allows Team Alex of ShipYourCarNow to perform shipping services for you as needed and you agree to pay for those invoiced services in a timely manner.  

ShipYourCarNow has vendor agreements with hundreds of dealerships and auto groups all across the country, including some of the most recognizable names, such as AutoNation, Asbury, and Penske, among others.

With a non-binding vendor agreement in place, anyone you designate can order transports and it remains in place until either party decides to terminate it. 

This agreement is typically completed by a dealership’s GM, GSM or Comptroller, but can be signed by whomever you designate.  It’s a quick and easy 2-step process, taking less than 5 - 10 minutes total to complete.

We send a link to a simple form that gathers information and points of contact for your dealership. We then create a vendor agreement for both parties to electronically sign.

As the party requesting shipping, you’ll have 3 small sections to complete on the Agreement.  Easy peasy.  All done.

 Now, Team Alex can do what they do best...arrange vehicle shipping for your dealership with a high degree of professionalism and customer service...whenever you need it and without requiring paperwork for each one.

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